Clan Ramsay

Over 900 years in the making of our Clan

The Ramsay’s have, from the earliest period down to the present day, been noted for their courage and military skill, and that ‘stubborn hardihood’ which may be broken but will not bend. They took a prominent part in the protracted struggle for the liberty and independence of their country against ‘our auld enemies of England,’ and laid down their lives for Scotland’s cause on  many a bloody field.                                        


I have tried to ensure everything is accurate and many articles have come from books and magazines in my possessions and from information gathered from the Internet. I cannot guarantee how accurate articles are as much of history was written by the victors.

Thanks to the many people who have provided information or pointed me in the correct direction to gather information.   Many thanks to the people who have sent e-mails from all over the world. I think there is a Ramsay in every part of the world and long may we keep in touch.

Eddie Ramsay    

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Motto: Ora et labora (Pray and work)

Badge: A unicorn's head, couped, argent, armed and crined,

Arms: Argent, an eagle displayed Sable

Tartans: Ramsay, Ramsay (hunting, blue)

Gaelic Name: Ramsaidh

Branches: Ramsay of Balmain, Ramsay of Bamff, Ramsay of Dalhousie.

Septs: Ramsay, Ramsey, Dalhousie, Maule, and Brecheen.

Plant Badge: Blue Harebell

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